Penryn Summer Apartments

We created a website for this fab client and we're super proud of it.

The brief: Design and build a website which will attract users looking for accommodation in Cornwall in the summer. The website must facilitate a simple, end to end user experience, delivering key information with clear calls to action allowing the user to book through the site.

The website must be supported with a clear digital marketing strategy aimed at target users.

Target audience: We researched PSA customers; age, gender, lifestyle choices, avg number of nights stay, avg spend and family size to learn as much as we could before building a marketing plan. Research was compared with country and county-specific research data to draw out any gaps in targeting and highlight key differences for the brand. We then created four main user personas to represent our target users. All website and marketing activities were designed with these user personas at front of mind.

User experience: User experience is key - a good user experience will increase revenue, improve SEO, increase repeat visits and have a positive impact on the brand overall. At site launch, bounce rate was over 40%. At time of reporting, overall bounce rate sits at below 23%. (A possible record for the industry in this area!*)

Responsive site: In 2014, 13% of users were visiting the site via mobile and more than 60% of these users were bouncing straight off the site.

This summer we are seeing more than 25% of site visitors come via mobile device and less than 20% of these users bounce.

SEO: We made sure that the site was highly optmised for launch with an ongoing SEO plan to ensure the site popped up in search engines for all the right queries. This included making sure the site had a solid, user friendly site structure, URL structure, high quality, relevant content, tailored meta-data and fixing all errors as they occur.

Ongoing SEO forms part of the larger marketing support plan and incorporates conversion optimisation, content marketing, social media support, site mark-up and technical site improvements.

AdWords: An AdWords search campaign was launched in late May to drive short-lead bookings for July and August. Since launch, bookings have increased by over 5000%.

Social Ads: We identified that social ads would be successful for PSA based on the user personas we created. Social ad campaigns were set up on Facebook and Twitter to target specific user types by location. Facebook ads currently drive almost twice as many clicks to the site as Google Ads. This is the first time we’ve seen social ad stats like this for a client and it makes for some really exciting data.

Newsletters: Repeat customers can be the best source of potential revenue so newsletters play an important part in the marketing plan. Working with the marketing team at PSA, we segmented the database into user type by interest and booking history. Tailored monthly emails are sent to each segment of the database encouraging them to visit the site, engage with the content and re-book for this year. Click through rates for email newsletters are now up 100% on last year.

Tracking: To make sure we could keep a good track of what was working and how well, we benchmarked agreed metrics and and set quarterly KPIs for 2015. We all have to know what we’re working towards!

PSA enter their sales revenue data into this shared document, and because each website sale can be traced back to a specific activity, we all have a very clear view of return on investment for each area of spend.

Key stats - year on year

  • Website sessions up 438%  - Whoop!

  • Pages per session up 13% - People are engaging with the site and exploring the content

  • Bounce rate down 51% - 88% of people are now staying on the site and engaging, rather than leaving straight away.

  • Mobile visits up 42% - Mobile users are finding the site in their search results and visiting due to the design being mobile friendly.

  • Conversions via mobile device up 700% - Mobile users are finding the site easy to use -  and they are making bookings!

  • Visits from Organic search up 800% - Our SEO strategy is working!

  • Visits from referral up 1600% - SEO strategy includes high quality, white hat link building. Other sites clearly like this one.

  • Visits from paid search up 550% - Highly targeted paid search ensures these users are interested in the site and more likely to convert.

  • Email click through rate up 100% - It’s great to send emails but our focus is on getting people to click through and engage to see the return on investment.

  • Overseas targets up 300% - We aimed to increase visits from Germany, America, France and Italy. Visits from these countries have increased 300%

* Based only on our local knowledge and no formal reseach carried out by any independent parties. Contributions to research welcome and we'll publish a new post about Cornwall tourism industry digital stats. Really... we will!